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Est. 1973

Practice Areas


Company's team of arbitration lawyers appears and resolves claims before arbitration.

Intellectual Property

Vast experience in all aspects of intellectual property (IP) transactions. Combination between legal experience with business and technical knowledge to provide IP transactional services.

General Counsel

Management of all of the Company’s legal processes, including commercial, corporate and employee related matters.
From the formation of a company through to its liquidation, the work of specialized corporate law covers an organisation’s entire lifecycle.

Family Law

Over 60 clients and 300 resolved issues, more than 30 years experience in family cases. Would you like to know more? Check our blog page.

Corporate Law

Up-to-the minute advisory and project-related advice, but also expertise for national and international clients on all aspects of day-to-day business.

Real Estate & International Law

Are you interested in investments in high profitable resorts and real investments in Bulgaria? Do not hesitate to contact us. The company assists in foreign investments and connections abroad offering security and coverage of its customers by the Israeli authorized lawyer services.

About the Firm


A small law firm focusing on the main areas of business law and family cases. Thanks to its drive and entrepreneurial spirit, it assists clients in their strategic decisions establishing strong partnerships. The company challenge its clients continuously providing them our specific point of view looking beyond the mere application of legislations, since there is more to law than laws.

The firm provides legal services in Israel, Bulgaria and other countries to corporations, individuals, public organisations and governments.

Established in 1973, the company is one of Israeli’s most distinguished full-service corporate law firms, building on a sterling legacy as it pioneers tailor-made legal solutions across evolving market sectors. The firm is widely regarded as a powerhouse for business-oriented legal service, expertise, and insight.

Firm Partners

Tuby Shalom

Tuby Shalom, Adv. holds a Certified Law Attorney degree, license number 11674, and has over 30 years of experience as an attorney in Israel. He has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as company representative as well as a defense lawyer. He has represented over 200 companies & people in various litigations. As a leading lawyer in the company Tuby uses his experience and personal relationships to get results for all clients. He is a talented and hard working attorney who never stops trying to bring another win for his clients and always impact individually, take every case and client personally.

“Constantly evolving
and adapting to
the competitive legal market”

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